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This style of painting is experiential in its essence. Theoretically and historically, it evolves from the new reality school, post-impressionism and abstract expressionism.


The experience of living through every nuance of the moment, is what is transformed into the visual texts of the artwork. It is a pursuit to embrace, to seize the moment in its fullest multitude of life: sensations, feelings, insights and meanings. It is an attempt to touch the miracle of life.


Wherever the artist is at a certain moment and whoever or whatever surrounds the artist, people, things or landscapes, the most important thing is the very experience of being there for this certain amount of time, sensing all that is sensible, feeling, grasping, reacting and transforming this living through the moment, into colors, textures, shapes, and meanings of vitality. Painting is worship. It is the Time of Awe.


Like life itself, these canvases are full of contrasts, hot and cold, textured and plain, heavy and aerial, faded and radiant, abstract and detailed, fast and slow... They are created while laying out on grass, sand, studio floor, or anything else beneath the artist's feet. There is no easel, no brush: just liquid paints, flowing and finding their own way to the canvas. Meanings spill out of themselves in visual texts.


With no brush, the intimate relationship between paint and canvas is genuinely freed. Surface and paint are the only real necessities. Though the shapes of the paint may look casually thrown onto the canvas, they are not, they are carefully refined and highly dependent on the meanings of a real moment in a real setting. The flow of paint is controlled. This dance like technique naturally stems out of request to experience and to express.


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